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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Laboratory Search Results: ASTORIA, OR

The American Paternity Association uses only Paternity Testing Laboratories which are accredited, physically located in the United States of America, and provide high quality and reliable DNA Paternity Testing Services.

For DNA paternity testing, contact us today! Call toll free: (888) 424-6576

Laboratories in your area that may also provide paternity testing or may be able to answer your questions are located below. Please be sure to call to schedule your appointments. Many labs do not provide paternity testing at all.

LabCorp Patient Service Center LabCorp-10448
Paternity Test Location: 2120 EXCHANGE ST STE 109 ASTORIA OR 97103 (View Map)
ASTORIA, OR (Paternity Test Details)

Paternity Test Rating is:
1 = Very Bad

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