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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Search for a Paternity Test… from a Lab, a Pharmacy, or a Doctor!

The American Paternity Association was founded to assists people with finding a convenient paternity test, offered by either a reliable medical laboratory, pharmacy, or doctor. There are hundreds of thousands of paternity tested done each year, and by sharing your information and experiences, you can help others choose the right option for themselves. Join the thousands of people visiting this site everyday, and help others by using this site to search, locate, visit, and comment on your experiences.

DNA Paternity or Maternity Testing:

Paternity Test: Legal Purposes
Paternity Test: Personal Purposes
Paternity Test: Prenatal Service
Maternity Test: Legal Purposes
Maternity Test: Personal Purposes

DNA Profiling:

DNA Profile, Individual
DNA Profile, Comparison (2 Profiles)

Other Relationship Testing:

Grandparentage Test: Single
Grandparentage Test: Duo
Avuncular (Aunt or Uncle)
Siblingship Test (Full vs. Half)
Siblingship Test (Full vs. Unrelated)
Siblingship Test (Half vs. Unrelated)
Twin Zygosity
Y-DNA Comparison (2 paternal-line profiles)
mtDNA Comparison (2 maternal-line profiles)

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The American Paternity Association was founded to assist parents and children who have questions regarding paternity. The Association has set out to;

American Paternity Association
Look for the American Paternity Association Logo on Participating Paternity Testing Service Provider Websites.

1) Explain the different solutions available to definitively answer questions of paternity, 

2) Provide a support forums for those seeking answers to the questions of paternity, and

3) To create an added measure of control to assure those seeking answers to questions of paternity are receiving an accurate answer to their questions.

To become an American Paternity Association recognized Paternity Testing Service Provider you can click here for more information.

Now, with access to over 3 million physicians, 40 thousand pharmacies, and 4 thousand laboratories, nationwide, the American Paternity Association is the place for you; because finding a reliable doctor, pharmacy, or laboratory to provide you with a paternity test is not always as obvious as you would expect. By allowing families going through a paternity test to comment freely about their experiences with having lab paternity test done, a pharmacy paternity test done, or by locating a particular healthcare facility to do the paternity testing, the American Paternity Association is assisting with opening up the doors for better care.