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Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Pharmacies with Paternity Tests in CLEVELAND HGTS, OH

You can find DNA paternity tests on the shelves of these pharmacies:

MEDIC DISCOUNT DRUG #292 Pharmacy-L18107
Address: 2920 NOBLE RD CLEVELAND HGTS OH 44121
State: OH (View Pharmacy Details)

Current Rating is: 2.5 = Neutral

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| Grandparentage Test: Single | Grandparentage Test: Duo | Avuncular (Aunt or Uncle) | Siblingship Test (Full vs. Half) | Siblingship Test (Full vs. Unrelated) | Siblingship Test (Half vs. Unrelated) | Twin Zygosity | Y-DNA Comparison (2 paternal-line profiles) | mtDNA Comparison (2 maternal-line profiles) | DNA Profile, Individual | DNA Profile, Comparison (2 Profiles) | Paternity Test: Legal Purposes | Paternity Test: Personal Purposes | Paternity Test: Immigration Purposes – Consultation | Paternity Test: Prenatal Service | Maternity Test: Legal Purposes | Maternity Test: Personal Purposes | Maternity Test: Immigration Purposes – Consultation | Prove Relationship for Immigration Purposes – Consultation

The Pharmacy Paternity Test KitPaternity testing is a serious matter. The answer to the question will have an impact on many important decisions in life. The results can affect a child’s financial welfare and parental custody.

Furthermore, it is well understood that not knowing who the father affects a person’s well-being; adding stress, and complicating relationships. A simple paternity test which can be done by purchasing a DNA Paternity Test Kit off the shelves in Drugstores will provide the peace of mind to all those involved.

When choosing a paternity testing solution, for easy and quick peace of mind, the DNA Paternity Test kit found on the shelves in pharmacies proves to be a viable option. The laboratory follows rigid scientific protocols and routinely provides results with greater than 99% accuracy.