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Wednesday, August 24, 2016    

Garden City Paternity Testing: 31471 Bleck Apt 206 Garden City MI 48135, by Independent Contractor - Lab Blood Collection Site

Garden City Paternity Testing: 31471 Bleck Apt 206 Garden City MI 48135, by Independent Contractor - Lab Blood Collection Site

These laboratories in your area may provide answers to your paternity testing questions. Please be sure to call to schedule your appointments. Many laboratories still do not provide paternity testing at all.
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Paternity Testing Locations:
Independent Contractor - Lab Blood Collection Site I-LAB2518

31471 Bleck Apt 206 Garden City MI 48135 (See Map)

Phone: 734-762-4972
Fax: 313-386-6341
Region: Garden City
State: MI
Internet: Not Reported

Additional Information: Lab collection facility not varified. Please call to confirm address and other information.

Independent Contractor - Lab Blood Collection Site paternity laboratory is located in the beautiful city of Garden City, MI. This paternity testing facility can be found at 31471 Bleck Apt 206 Garden City MI 48135.

If you have any suggestions to make or comments regarding the quality of service you have received from this paternity test location, or regarding the information provided here, please add it to the comment section. It will be immediately made available to others viewing this page.

Current Rating is: 2.5 = Neutral

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Independent Contractor - Lab Blood Collection Site
31471 Bleck Apt 206 Garden City MI 48135

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Items you should bring to the paternity test lab appointment:

Birth certificate. If a birth certificate is not available, you could bring an insurance card with the childs name on it.

Drivers License or ID. A photo ID will be requested. In some cases the lab may take photographs at the time of the appointment.

Available time. Make sure to call the lab and find out when they will be available for collecting specimens for a paternity test.

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Doctors in the Garden City, MI Area That May be Able to Assist You With Your Paternity Testing Questions:


Phone: (734)458-3395

Phone: (734)522-3332
Specialty: PHARMACY

32669 W WARREN RD STE 10

Phone: (734)762-0500
29150 FORD RD

Phone: (734)762-3600

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